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Why Should You Book a Teen Facial?

Teenage skin is put through the ringer. Subject to hormones, stress and the rollercoaster of puberty, teens experience breakouts at a high frequency, often in high volumes. A teen facial can help to treat common problems teenagers have, and educate them for a lifetime of healthy, glowing skin.

The concerns that teens have about their skin

As a product of their biology, teens struggle with excess hormonal acne, oiliness, sun damage and other skin concerns. As young adults grow and learn, the practice of radical acceptance of what they see in the mirror can be challenging without the right resources.

Cell renewal cycle

The list of things that were so much easier as a young one is long and full of nostalgia. Biology, though not exactly warm and fuzzy, is a big part of that list. Because teen skin is so new, cell turnover occurs at a quicker rate and teens are able to recover and heal quickly from breakouts. As we age our rate of cell turnover slows and declines.

Common concerns due to hormonal changes

Acne prone skin is influenced by a range of factors. An increase in androgen levels is signaled when adolescence begins. Those rising androgen levels can trigger oil gland production, causing hormonal acne. The buildup of dead skin cells and bacteria can cause inflammation, making acne a more painful experience than it needs to be.


From TikTok tutorials to eyelash extensions, the world of makeup is shifting by the minute. More than ever before, teens are using makeup to “fine tune” their appearance. Along with that increased use of makeup comes natural consequences.

Since acne is exacerbated by clogged pores and overactive oil glands, makeup tends to add fuel to the fire. Since adolescence is a popular time for young people to start experimenting with makeup, knowing how to properly take care of their skin before and after their day is a major key.

What are the benefits of facials for teens?

Today’s teens are inundated with a myriad of stressors that only grow bigger and more complex with time. Teaching your teen to slow down and create intentional time to take care of their mind and bodies is crucial. And, as a guardian, leading by example could look like scheduling a facial together.

Facials offer teens the opportunity to receive education, treatment and space to have open conversations about self-love and skincare.

Teens can build healthy habits and learn about their skin

Facials give teens and parents the chance to connect with their aesthetician. This is the perfect time to discuss skin types, treatment plans and consistent appointments. Being a teenager is hard enough, and having the right support can make a world of difference.

Their personal skin concerns will be addressed

The non-invasive facial creates a level of trust and confidence that even shy teens can get behind. With every person’s skin being so unique, skin concerns can rarely be lumped into only a few categories. Each person has a different set of challenges and environments for their skin. Facial appointments are a great place to brainstorm the path to clear skin.

Help improve their self-esteem

Scheduling regular facials for teens gives them something to look forward to, and emulates the makings of what self care could really look like. A dedicated hour to sit back, recharge and rejuvenate your skin while you’re at it is a gift. This can be a great opportunity to bond with your teen, and create space to have the hard conversations about self esteem and insecurity. Facials allow teens to reap the benefits of quality skincare.

How do teen facials differ from other professional facials?

Teen facials are centered around acknowledgement of the role biology plays in their skin texture, tone and breakouts. While there aren’t vast differences between teen and other professional facials, the main factor is customizing the experience to your teen’s skin concerns and needs. It will also be focused on education, creating good skin habits, and having their questions answered by a licensed professional versus what a social media influencer is telling them.

A focus on common problems for teen skin

Acne is the most shared skin concern among young adults across the globe. It’s truly incredible to consider just how lonely young people feel in their skin care challenges.

Facial appointments scheduled with a friend or loved one can foster community and help diminish the feelings of isolation that acne prone skin can cause.

Advice and recommendations from an aesthetician

The best thing teens can do for their skin is to use a gentle pore cleanser (especially at night), get into the habit of moisturizing (even oily, acneic skin needs hydration!), and exfoliating two to three times per week. Protecting their skin from sun damage with a proper SPF sunscreen and avoiding touching the face are easy preventative measures that make a huge difference in both acne and aging.

If you’re interested in booking an appointment for your teen’s first facial, book an appointment with LUXE Aesthetics today! Our Teen Clean is designed to cleanse pores and educate teenagers about the right way to take care of their skin for years to come.

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