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How Does an Acne Facial Help Clear Your Skin?

We live for those moments where we radically accept what we see staring back at us in the mirror. And sometimes, when we glance at our reflection, it is easy to dismiss the beautiful person staring back at us.

While we walk that path toward unconditional confidence, identify some resources that can help your self love along the way. If you struggle with acne or cystic acne, you are one of about 50 million people in the world on that same journey. An acne facial and clinical facial treatments can help you achieve your skincare goals.

How can facials help treat acne?

Cystic acne has a mind of its own, and a variety of causes. When your hair follicles are working against you, a consistent skin care routine helps reduce breakouts while preventing and alleviating painful symptoms. Many acne facials involve eradicating impurities, removing debris that clogs your pores and helping control excess oil production.

The benefits of facials

Aside from the pure bliss of being pampered, facials can benefit our minds and bodies alike.

Facials can support skin regeneration by stimulating optimal blood flow and circulation under the skin. As a result, puffiness decreases, fluid buildup gives way and our lymphatic systems have a chance to reset.

And don’t sleep on that blood circulation. It restores oxygen, nutrients and proteins back to the skin while warding off impurities and toxins.

Preparing for your acne facial

Preparing for your facial is as simple as being mindful to avoid use of any retinol products or Retin A, keeping exfoliation and direct sun exposure to a minimum, and staying away from and staying away from any DIY facial treatments at home. Tanning beds should never be used: not even to help “dry out” the oils or acne.

This is especially important for those with cystic acne to be able to reap the benefits in full. Be familiar with the products that you’re using on your skin at home to help your aesthetician. With more insight into what is going on with your skin, they can best help you achieve the best results.

Initial skin consultation

Setting up a professional skin consultation prior to your acne facial is also a smart move. Not only can your provider help you determine your skin’s needs, but a little backstory and context can help you learn what to avoid during an acne breakout.

Cleanse before treatments

It’s a good call to start off your day with a fresh face, cleansed and moisturized. But if you’re heading to your acne facial appointment straight from work, fear not. Your aesthetician’s first steps will be to double-cleanse your skin as the beginning to each treatment.

Product education and recommendations

If your aesthetician is schooling you in your chair, take note. The approach, care and follow through suggested by your aesthetician can change the game. You may have a toolbox filled with accessories, but absolutely zero idea how to utilize them properly.

Customized treatments included in your acne facial

In the best case scenario, there’s a treatment available that works specifically for your skin type. Fortunately, at the right studio, an aesthetician talks with you about customized treatments that may be included in your acne facial. Each of us has varying skin needs and concerns, and what works best for your neighbor may reflect the polar opposite of your needs.


Microdermabrasion is an excellent option for folks with concerns about hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, dry or rough skin and enlarged or clogged pores. Be aware that there are limitations around microdermabrasion if you’re someone who has a diabetes diagnosis, psoriasis, lupus and other skin conditions, so make sure to talk with your aesthetician to see if microdermabrasion will suit your skincare needs.

LED light therapy

LED light therapy is a client and aesthetican favorite when it comes to skin care treatments. With its endless healing benefits and acne bacteria killing properties, this non-invasive treatment utilizes light emitting diodes, or LEDs, to send out multiple wavelengths of energy. Even though molecules in our skin absorb these wavelengths differently, the cellular regeneration process is accelerated. LED light therapy is also very relaxing and clients are often known to take a little nap during treatment.


Extractions are necessary for certain skin types. If you’re a person who suffers from recurring clogged or impacted pores then extractions may be an important part of your acne facial.. Your aesthetician may address your problem areas and rid your skin of unwanted dirt or excess sebum in your pores with the use of a sterile tool such as an extractor or lancet.

Acne facial aftercare

After your acne facial, there are some common sense no-no’s and a couple of tips to get the most out of your treatment. Keep your skin make-up free for as long as you can after your treatment for at least a 24 hour window. Avoid picking at or unnecessary touching of your skin for at least 72 hours post treatment. Keep away from direct heat and sunlight for around 72 hours after your treatment.

Use products recommended by your aesthetician

When it comes to your general acne or cystic acne regimen, let the pros work their magic. Your aesthetician is well-versed in all things skin health and glow. If your current regimen isn’t producing any favorable results, it may be time to switch off your products. Talk to your aesthetician about your concerns and allow them to help you through the skincare regimen building process!

How important is sunscreen?

There’s no denying that sunscreen is the holy grail. In fact, without sunscreen, you might as well set the money you spend on products and treatment on fire. Sunscreen reduces the risk of sunburn which can open up a myriad of other skin related issues. Not only does sunscreen prevent aging signs, but it also prevents skin discoloration like sunspots. It can reduce inflammation and most importantly, reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Book regular facial appointments

It might be tempting to try to escape the end of your session without booking your next appointment. The truth is, if you’re battling acne, the best thing you can provide for your skin is consistency. A reoccurring acne facial can set the tone for what your skin will expect and reduce inflammation while offering maximum results in a shorter amount of time.

Booking regular appointments or a treatment series can also help you and your aesthetician identify changes in your skin, good or bad. Depending on the outcome, you can adjust your treatment plan as needed. Contact LUXE Aesthetics today to book your first facial appointment!

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