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What a DiamondGlow® Skin Treatment Does for Your Skin

Your face reflects how you feel in more ways than one. Along with facial expressions communicating joy and sadness, your skin also tells a story. When you feel worn out or tired, your skin can look dull and rough as well.

If both you and your skin could benefit from some care, dig deeper than a standard facial. While a moisturizer and a facial scrub can make you feel clean in the short term, you will likely notice the same issues a few hours later.

Clinical skin treatments DiamondGlow® provide more than a standard facial can. DiamondGlow resurfaces and rejuvenates skin, allowing you to look and feel your best.

Exfoliate, Extract, Infuse

While standard facials often target one or two problems, DiamondGlow takes a three-step process to ensure your skin looks its best. This is why the treatment is recommended to so many clients. Whether you struggle with hyperpigmentation or sun damage, DiamondGlow can help you with its patented three-step process.

Exfoliate to discover renewed skin

The first step is to remove old skin cells that are holding you back. Your aesthetician will choose from six DiamondGlow diamond tips to help you remove these tired cells and uncover renewed skin.

This step alone can significantly improve how you feel, as it can remove dry patches and roughness without wearing out your skin.

Extract debris from pores

The next step in the DiamondGlow process is to thoroughly clean your skin. This is where the difference between clinical treatments and standard facials is evident. While a basic facial will clean your skin, it’s hard for moisturizers and even facial scrubs to get deep into your pores. When dirt is left behind, your skin will continue to look dull and you may be prone to blemishes.

The DiamondGlow technology allows aestheticians to dive deep into your pores to clean your skin. A deeper clean means a better, longer-lasting look.

Infuse skin with nourishing serums

The final step in your DiamondGlow treatment is to care for the fresh, clean skin. Your aesthetician will use serums on your face to protect your skin cells and pores. Applying serum serves as a thank-you to your face for looking its best throughout the day.

Customize Your Treatment

The serums your aesthetician recommends and uses will depend on your individual needs. DiamondGlow offers multiple treatments that target specific skin challenges. A few of these include:

Skin brightening

Improve the appearance and pigmentation of your skin with the patented Lumixyl® peptide. Use this to fight uneven pigmentation and enjoy a brighter overall look.

Ultra hydrating

Rehydrate your skin for a smoother, softer look. This treatment is ideal if you frequently experience sun damage or have naturally dry skin.

Pore clarifying

Target acne-prone skin and other imperfections. This treatment works to prevent breakouts while reducing the severity of blemishes that occur.

Create an Individualized Plan

If you are ready to take the next step toward your skincare, talk with an aesthetician about a treatment plan. They can help you schedule a consultation and discuss long-term care to protect your skin.

Most People Receive Treatments Monthly

Everyone’s skin is different, but most people who use DiamondGlow treatments schedule appointments every one to two months. This allows the aesthetician to continue exfoliating and extracting dirt and debris from your pores. These monthly appointments also serve as a time to provide feedback on how your skincare routine works for you.

Notice immediate improvements as well as long-term results

As you start to enjoy the DiamondGlow experience, you will notice changes to your skin. Most people notice immediate results with smoother, brighter, clearer skin and see significant changes within six to 12 weeks of starting this skincare regime.

During this time, you will have had three to six appointments with your DiamondGlow provider.

Monthly appointments don’t require immediate aftercare

There is good news for people on a busy schedule: DiamondGlow doesn’t require immediate aftercare and there is no downtime after your treatment. You won’t need to go home and hide out for the rest of the day. In fact, it is often referred to as the R

ed Carpet Facial since it is a celebrity favorite treatment done immediately before their big events!

DiamondGlow is a perfect treatment before a big event and will have you looking noticeably smooth and glowing! You can resume most of your normal activities throughout the day – though it is preferred that you avoid excess heat, sun and sweat the day of treatment -- just don’t forget to apply SPF!

Enjoy a Relaxing Spa Experience

One of the best parts of the DiamondGlow treatment is that you don’t have to do anything. This facial isn’t painful and it doesn’t take long (about 75 minutes on average). Just lie back, close your eyes, and relax as your aesthetician treats your skin.

Start with warm paraffin hand dip

Enjoy a paraffin hand dip to soothe your tired fingers and help you get into a relaxing mindset. The warming experience, combined with our cool salon offices, creates a comforting experience – not unlike feeling wrapped in a protective blanket.

Let your aesthetician work

As your aesthetician treats your skin, you will experience light vacuum suction as the diamond tip moves along the face. Dead skin is exfoliated off by the diamond tip your aesthetician selects. Many patients describe the DiamondGlow treatment like the feeling of a cat’s tongue - with a vacuum! The treatment is very relaxing and many patients just lie back, close their eyes and forget about the outside world for a while.

Enjoy minimal aftercare

Although we can create exceptional results during your treatments, the best results are always received through consistency and good at-home products. Your aesthetician will create a customized home regimen to expedite and maximize the results you want. What we do at home everyday is very important--- but doesn’t need to be complicated. We pride ourselves on creating effective skincare regimens that fit your lifestyle. So, whether you are a product minimalist, or love doing a full skincare regimen every night, we create one that works with your skin AND your life.

Schedule Your DiamondGlow Experience

If you are tired of your face feeling rough and your pores being clogged, take the first steps to embrace DiamondGlow technology. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how DiamondGlow can help you. Book now with LUXE Aesthetics in South Tampa!

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