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The Importance of a Daily Skincare Routine

Updated: Mar 14

We promise there’s no judgment here, just hope for the glowing, healthy skin that you deserve! If you haven’t dialed in a skincare routine yet, it might be because you don’t know where to begin. No worries though, I've got you covered every step of the way to create a routine that addresses your skin concerns.

Why is it important to have a daily skincare routine

Little rituals keep us grounded, calm our nervous system, and help us stay connected to routines. Outside of routines being incredible for mental health and wellness, a daily skincare routine can offer the gift of consistency to your pores and skin texture.

The benefits of a skincare routine

There’s an array of rewarding benefits that come with establishing a daily skincare routine. One of the most important being that as your skin sheds dead cells, you wipe the slate clean and make it easier for cell regeneration to occur on and below your skin's surface.

The classic saying is that prevention is so much easier to maintain than correction. You’re going to spend time on your skincare regardless. So if you’d rather it be five minutes a day instead of 20 minutes 15 years from now, it’s time to get started.

Maximize results of professional skincare treatments

When you utilize proper skincare techniques like cleansing and exfoliation, you prime your skin to be ready to receive the wonderful, antioxidant and hydration-based products and their subsequent anti-aging effects. If you’re someone who regularly books a Fire and Ice facial but doesn’t maintain moisturized, cared for skin at home, you’re not getting the maximum yield of benefits from your professional services.

If you’re feeling unsure, stick with a skincare routine for just a week, end the week with a facial session and notice how your skin responds in the days following.

Steps and products for the best routine

Like everything good in this world, there’s a recipe behind beautiful skin. Knowing what order to layer your skincare products helps you increase their efficacy through deeper penetration into the skin and can sometimes be a matter of safety and precaution.


No skin is created equal. With the help of an aesthetician, you can determine what your skin type is and what type of cleanser would best support it. Cleansing your skin at least in the morning and before you go to sleep is a game changer.

In the morning, you are washing away sweat, dead skin and bacteria. And while completely normal, giving your skin that clean canvas as soon as possible upon waking up helps your pores breathe a little easier. Nighttime cleanser is similar, but it also has to clean any makeup you applied earlier that day. The right cleanser makes or breaks your skincare routine.


Toners are very dynamic in their healing properties. Toners remove excess dirt and makeup that may have not been fully removed during cleansing, balance the pH of the skin, reduce the size of pores by intermittently tightening the skin, and help break down excess oil.

Eradicating your pores of dirt, impurities and sometimes freeing blackheads is one of the greatest things that you can do for your face.

Serums targeting skin concerns

Serums and essences penetrate your skin and sometimes do their best work when chemically complemented by another serum. For example, hyaluronic acid holds 1000 times its weight in water.

When you apply hyaluronic acid to your damp face, you maximize its potential. There’s plenty of science behind combining things like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Based on your skin type, your aesthetician can help guide you toward the perfect serums to build into your routine.

Moisturizers, day and night

Believe it or not, there’s actually a big difference between daytime and nighttime moisturizers. Daytime moisturizer is often equipped with a generous amount of SPF and is more lightweight. Nighttime moisturizers can be of the whipped or buttery variety, having a heavier effect in the moisturizing department.

Moisturizer is a crucial part of your routine. Think of it like the cherry on top. They trap moisture in to keep your skin hydrated, supple and dewy.

Eye cream

There are plenty of moments that feel like we haven’t slept in two years. Whether you’re studying for finals or pulling a double, your under eyes and eyelids could use a little help in the dryness department. The skin around our eyes is thin, making it sensitive and susceptible to highly irritable creams or serums. Choose an eye cream that supports your skin type to tie your daily skincare routine together.

Sunscreen, reapplied as needed

At the end of the day, you can throw your entire skincare routine into the trash if it doesn’t begin and end with sunscreen. Sunscreen is the number one anti-aging product on the market. It’s all about prevention when it comes to skincare.

To protect your skin is to make an investment in your own health and safety. As we reach record heat temperatures and sun exposure becomes more extreme, sunscreen is non-negotiable.

Additional products to consider for your routine

You may stumble upon some other products to add to your routine like face masks, essences and a variety of professional treatments.

Professional treatment

Whether you’re booking microneedling, dermaplaning, or something in between, collaborating with your aesthetician can help you identify your skin's biggest hurdles and get you on the right track to restoring and rejuvenating your radiant glow.

If you’re curious about how to get started toward your skincare goals, give us a call and book your consultation today!

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