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What’s in a Skin Brightening Treatment?

When it comes to a term like skin brightening, many things come to people’s minds. To LUXE Aesthetics, our aim with skin brightening treatments target hyperpigmentation, melasma, and sun spots. These treatments result in glowing skin with a more even complexion.

What is skin brightening?

Generally, skin brightening involves using products and treatments to lighten or fade unwanted pigmentation for a more even skin tone, treat hyperpigmentation and sun spots, and protect skin from additional UV damage. These three focuses are very different, so the specifics of your treatment or product determine the course of action your aesthetician recommends.

What does skin brightening really mean?

In every form, skin brightening means lightening or evening out your skin tone in some way. On the extreme side of skin brightening, there are products that use “bleaching” agents to effectively lighten your skin tone. In reality, these ingredients are not bleaching the skin but are in fact suppressing the cell that creates pigment in the skin, the melanocyte, from over-producing melanin. The result is a lightening of the uneven pigmentation. There are however many other effective non-prescription pigment lightening ingredients on the market today that can be used year round and are even safe during pregnancy.

Why would someone seek skin brightening treatment?

As our bodies and skin age, lots of changes happen. Age spots, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation or dark patches of skin start to appear. The age that people develop these skin concerns varies, based on genetics and lifetime sun exposure without proper protection.

Skin brightening treatments help to lessen the appearance of hyperpigmentation and can overall even out your skin. Women who suffer from melasma will see fantastic results from skin brightening treatments. Right after a treatment, your skin has a hydrated glow like you just returned from a vacation. Combined with other anti-aging treatments and a great skincare routine, and you’re on your way to happy, healthy skin!

What are the best ingredients for skin brightening?

Almost every brand has a product that is explicitly for skin brightening, or has those benefits. Vitamin C and some alpha-hydroxy acids have been proven to have great results on your skin.

Vitamin C

As a natural antioxidant, Vitamin C has a wealth of benefits in addition to brightening your skin. It promotes cell regeneration and stimulates collagen production. This leads to firmer skin with fewer wrinkles and fine lines, better texture and health. Coupled with a mineral-based SPF and you have the most effective UV prevention combination available on the market today!

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

Several AHAs have great skin brightening effects. One very popular and commonly used AHA is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is found in serums as well as chemical peels, and is noted for its small molecular structure that allows it to easily penetrate the skin. It has an added benefit of exfoliating your skin, revealing new and brighter skin.

Another popular and gentle AHA option is lactic acid. It speeds up cell turnover and renewal, giving you a brighter and more even complexion. For those who also suffer from dry skin, lactic acid helps to keep your skin moisturized.

The best skin brightening serums and treatments

As with any skin concern you have, the best way to address it is with a combination of treatments at home and treatments by your aesthetician. A multi-pronged approach of prevention with vitamin C and SPF, an at-home product geared at suppressing new pigment from appearing, and regular professional spa treatments is the best way to combat pigment. An at-home routine is key to long-term results, and ensures you get the best results out of the treatment given by your medical aesthetician.

Glow Getter: Skin Brightening Treatment

At LUXE Aesthetics, we offer the Glow Getter: Skin Brightening Treatment to clients who have skin brightening as their main skin concern. It begins with a dermaplaning exfoliation, followed by an Enzymatic Brightening Treatment available only to medical aestheticians. Next, you will receive LED light therapy for 30 minutes followed by a vitamin C serum, hydrators and SPF based on your skin type and concerns.

iS Clinical Active Serum

Your aesthetician will help guide you through picking the perfect skin brightening serum to add to your skincare routine. One fantastic serum with clinically proven results is iS Clinical’s Active Serum. A true multi-tasking serum, its benefits include decreasing pore size, reducing hyperpigmentation, diminishing acne breakouts and blackheads, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles!

PCA Skin Intensive Brightening Treatment

For those looking for a more intense treatment option, PCA Skin has an entire suite of products dedicated to pigmentation. From their Pigment Control Bar for cleansing to Pigment Gel for all-over or spot treating to their Vitamin B5 Skin Brightening Serum (for both red and browns), pigment can be addressed during almost every step of your skincare regimen.

Their Intensive Brightening Treatment is an effective retinol-based anti-aging treatment focused on correcting sun damage and discoloration on your skin. The wonderful thing about this product is that you can address two skin concerns in one treatment and you only apply it a few times a week in the evening only. Retinols make the skin sensitive to sun so it’s very important to use only at night and wear an SPF every day!

The path toward glowing skin

As they say, the best day to start on the path toward glowing, healthy skin was yesterday. The next best day is today! No matter what your skin concerns may be, LUXE Aesthetics takes the time to get to know you, and your skin history. Book your first appointment with us today, and let’s get your skin glowing!

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