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The Benefits of an i.S. Clinical Fire & Ice Facial

For those looking for a truly unique and powerful facial treatment, look no further than the Fire and Ice Facial from i.S. Clinical. It is also known as the Red Carpet Facial and Hollywood Facial due to its popularity with stars on the red carpet and celebrity estheticians alike. With no downtime, and immediate visible results, the Fire and Ice Facial is perfect right before special events, or for everyday rejuvenation.

What is the i.S. Clinical Fire and Ice Facial?

Formulated to deliver serious results quickly, this luxury facial treatment makes use of two professional-only masques specifically developed to both rapidly resurface and exfoliate, and deeply hydrate and soothe with an antioxidant filled, hyaluronic acid gel masque.

Where to go to get the facial

Only licensed estheticians and medical esthetic establishments administer the Fire and Ice Facial. The masques used in this treatment are professional-grade, and LUXE Aesthetics is proud to offer this facial service to all interested individuals who think that their skin would benefit from receiving it.

The benefits of a Fire and Ice Facial for your skin

A Fire and Ice Facial has multiple benefits for your skin’s overall health and complexion. You’ll notice immediate results and a glowing complexion the moment you get up from the aestehtican’s chair!

Addressed skin concerns

Almost every skin concern benefits from a Fire and Ice Facial. Due to its clinical and intensive nature, you can expect this treatment to help with:

  • Reducing signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles

  • Dark spots on your skin, also known as hyperpigmentation

  • Limit scarring, appearance of rosacea and inflamed skin

Other benefits

If you’re just looking for that extra boost to your skin’s complexion, this is still a great facial treatment to choose. Some other benefits include:

  • Promoting faster skin cell regeneration

  • No downtime: perfect facial for events

  • Free pores of dirt and debris, and reduce acne and blackheads

  • Enjoy a glowing, youthful complexion right after your appointment

What to expect during your facial appointment

As our signature facial treatment, LUXE Aesthetics makes sure that our Fire and Ice Facial is the best possible in terms of results and experience. Lasting about an hour, you’ll have a relaxing, yet amazing sensory experience!

Arriving to your facial

Like all facial treatments, we begin the Fire and Ice Facial with a thorough cleanse of your skin. So, don’t worry about any activities you have planned on the day of your appointment. Any dirt, sweat, or makeup is completely cleansed from your skin at the start of your facial.

Next, your skin is toned and steamed. This essential step opens up and clears your pores, and adequately prepares your skin for the rest of the treatment.

Mask #1: Intensive Resurfacing Masque (Fire)

First up, as you might have guessed, is the “fire” aspect of the facial. It has this nickname due to the ingredients included in the mask. Niacin, retinol, botanical acids, and antioxidants all combine to give your skin a tingling sensation as the mask works its magic! You’ll love the scent of warm cinnamon spice as this masque gently exfoliates and resurfaces. Don’t worry though, while you feel a tingling, it isn’t painful.

Your skin is smoothed and brightened with this first mask. This process promotes faster cell regeneration within your skin and reduces acne and appearance of pores. After a few minutes, the mask is removed and your skin is once again cleansed to neutralize and remove any residue from the “fire” mask.

Mask #2: Rejuvenating Masque (Ice)

The second portion of your treatment is a soothing, cooling hyaluronic acid gel masque that calms any redness or irritation your skin is experiencing. This hydrating masque includes ingredients such as green tea extract, aloe vera, plant extracts, and menthol to create the cooling effect on your face.

Additional add-ons are available to further address your personal skin concerns. For example, LED light therapy can aid with acne and anti-aging. Your aesthetician can provide recommendations depending on the results that you wish to achieve!

How long results last, and aftercare

Like we mentioned earlier, your results will be immediately visible once your treatment is over. You can expect the results to last for a couple weeks, but with a great at-home skin care routine, it can last longer.

Taking care of your skin

When you return to your aesthetician on a regular schedule, you make the most of your treatments. Most importantly, keep a daily skincare routine to keep your skin healthy and nurtured in between appointments. Regular exfoliation and daily use of Vitamin C and SPF is essential to keeping a youthful complexion!

For the best Fire and Ice Facial in Tampa, book an appointment at LUXE Aesthetics. It’s our signature facial, guaranteed to deliver immediate results and an experience to remember. Come experience what luxurious, clinical skincare can do for your skin!

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